Ultimate Craft
Do you work with children or young people? Need that extra bit of inspiration to help your group explore the Bible? Want that extra idea to complete your session? Then the ULTIMATE series is for you. Each ULTIMATE book is packed full of ideas that have been used successfully by others and are more than likely to work for you!

Ultimate Craft is crammed full of creative and imaginative ways to help you and your group explore the Bible through cutting, sticking, painting, drawing, sewing and, well, you get the idea! Inside you'll find all the instructions and guidance you need, together with helpful diagrams and photocopiable templates, so even the most craft-shy leader can make the most of this creative way to explore God's Word.

Useful for leaders of Light groups, holiday clubs, eye level clubs, SUPA clubs and other similar groups. Clearly catagorised by both craft type and subject.

The material in this book was originally published as Here's One I Made Earlier and Here's Another One I Made Earlier.

ISBN: 9781844273645
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SCRIPTURE UNION - published N/A
Format: A4