Laughing Pilgrims
Howard Macy
A serious but funny book on the important place of humour in the spiritual life.

Humour floods our lives. We use it to entertain, to reduce stress and promote health, to smooth social interactions (or to make people bristle), to sell products of all kinds, to persuade about ideas, and much more. Humour is an important and often overlooked part of the spiritual life.

Humour skills can be learned so, in an accessible and funny way, Laughing Pilgrims aims to teach readers effective skills for interpreting and creating humour in their daily lives. Whether it is a 'spiritual gift' or 'spiritual discipline' humour (and its distortions) can powerfully reveal and shape our spiritual development.

Howard R. Macy is Professor of Religion and Biblical Studies at George Fox University, Oregon


'Laughing Pilgrims is hilarious to read but along the way raises serious questions about the meaning and power of laughter. Imagine! Nurturing our spirituality while laughing out loud! Read and enjoy.' Tom Mullen

'Laughing Pilgrims is more than a fun read; it is a spiritual primer on the blessings of humor, laughter and good will.' Phil Gulley

ISBN: 9781842274163
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: PATERNOSTER PRESS - published 15/07/2006
Format: Paperback