Defuse: A Mom's Survival Guide For More Love, Less Anger
Karol Ladd
In this timely survival guide, positive mom Karol Ladd offers practical steps to help mothers identify hidden anger in their own lives and in the lives of each member of their family. When tempers flare they need to know how to respond quickly to defuse the situation and to, instead, create a more loving atmosphere where anger has no place. The discussion focuses on three important steps:

Recognize and Deal with Your Anger
Learn How to Respond to Their Anger
Create an Enviornment Where Love Abounds
With anger being a major issue in every home, Karol's positive plan offers vital solutions that will not only deactivate anger but strengthen the bonds of love.

ISBN: 9780849907241
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: THOMAS NELSON - published 07/08/2007
Format: Paperback