Dancing In The Desert - Spiritual Refreshment For You Parched Soul
Crockett, M
The variety of life circumstances that left Marsha Crockett in a spiritual desert are the same ones many of us experience: disappointment, weariness, crisis, discontentment, selfishness, confusion, death and waiting. Some days we simply feel buried by sand, wondering if we'll ever see light or feel the cool breeze of God's breath. We wonder if we'll ever find the way out. Marsha did. She has written this book to help other desert-dwellers find their ways back to God. You'll be encouraged by reading her story and reflecting on the journeys of biblical characters. Journaling ideas and the spiritual exercises in the "Rest Stops" will help you draw close to God.

ISBN: 9780830823840
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: IVP (USA) - published 15/03/2003
Format: Paperback