Christian Handbook, The
K Skrade (ed)
The Christian Handbook: An Indispensable Guide to All Things Christian takes seriously one of those often-forgotten truths about communicating the Gospel: the importance of humor. Unlike some Christian resources, it boldly uses humor to convey timeless biblical truths in everyday life situations.

With its broad non-denominational approach The Christian Handbook serves as an essential companion for Christians from all perspectives, offering a range of material from the outright humorous to solid Christian teaching and everything in between:

  • How to Care for the Sick
  • How to Read the Bible
  • How to Survive for One Hour in an Un-Air-Conditioned church
  • How to Stay Alert in Church
  • How to Share Your Faith with Someone
  • Common Christian Symbols and What They Mean
  • How to Survive an Old Testament Plague

    The Christian Handbook also includes dozens of illustrations, maps, diagrams, and indispensable tips for Christian life.

    ISBN: 9780806652597
    Catalogue code: N/A
    Publisher: AUGSBURG - published 20/02/2006
    Format: Paperback  

  • £9.99