The Daily Male
Nick Battle
Straight-talking, real, quite often outrageous, welcome to The Daily Male by Nick Battle. Nick is on a mission to tell it like it is no matter what the subject is . . . and will probably make you laugh out loud in the process.

Modern life is examined, unpacked and skewered with no airs or graces. The Daily Male breathes the fresh air of common sense and biblical faith into men's often stifled discipleship.

Over 40 different subjects are looked at in bite-sized chunks including fitness, fatherhood, anxiety, overeating, over-drinking, Mondays, fidelity, being a godfather, vision, heroes and recycling.

The Daily Male snippets:
'Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Get a water
butt, and get a smaller butt!'

'If I'm really honest, I've felt like giving God two
yellows and a red. I never have but I've come close.'

ISBN: 9781860247026
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: AUTHENTIC MEDIA - published N/A
Format: Paperback