Cover to Cover Complete
Selwyn Hughes / Trevor J Partridge
For the year 2000 CWR launched Cover to Cover: Through the Bible as it Happened, which went on to be a phenomenal success around the world. The question was "What could we do to make this journey through the Bible complete?" The answer was to combine all the fantastic notes, timeline, devotions, charts and maps etc. with the complete Bible text in chronological order.

A huge task, but one, which led to this superb tool for reading the whole Bible as it happened which gives a unique understanding of the fullness of Scripture. A thrilling journey through the Bible as it happened, letting you see God's eternal purposes unfold before your eyes.

This is a Bible reading plan with a difference. Cover to Cover Complete will take you on a chronological voyage of discovery through God's Word in a year.

Product Features
• Devotional thoughts for contemplation each day from Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge
• A timeline that runs across the bottom of each page, keeping every event in context for you
• Charts, maps, illustrations and diagrams to enhance your understanding of the Bible and biblical times
• The complete Holman Christian Standard Bible in chronological order, divided into manageable daily sections
• An accompanying section on the CWR website, featuring character studies, readers' testimonies, helpful hints and much more …

No. of pages 1632
Size 215 x 140 mm

ISBN: 9781853454332
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CWR* - published 15/09/2007
Format: Hardback