I Dared to Call Him Father / The Shaming of the Strong
Bilquis Sheikh / Sarah Williams
These captivating books demonstrate a profound truth: God speaks clearly when the needs are great... and he gives the courage to do what he says.

Bilquis Sheikh was a Pakistani woman of noble birth. Searching in the Koran for the peace that eluded her, she found references to the prophet Jesus. So began a spiritual quest that would change her life for ever. Her story has become a classic case history in the ongoing dialogue between Muslims and Christians, as well as an enthralling story of faith and courage in the face of danger.

Sarah Williams was going to be a mum again, and the whole family’s excitement was growing day by day. Until the hospital scan changed everything. Sarah now faced the most agonising decision of her life: to follow the advice of the medical profession, and terminate the life of her unborn child, her loved one; or to follow the promptings of her heart and the principles of her faith.

ISBN: 9781842914014
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: KINGSWAY - published 01/09/2008
Format: Paperback