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Just Leadership
Simon Barrington
From #MeToo scandals to the explosion of spiritual abuse atrocities in the Church, we've watched too many leaders let us down. What went wrong for these leaders? And more importantly, how can we get it right? Just Leadership offers advice and guidance to empower leaders everywhere to make a difference and answer the call for a fairer, more transparent, more equal society. Drawing on their combined decades of experience in leadership and safeguarding, Justin Humphreys and Simon Barrington explore what it means for a leader to be just, and provide practical ways improve your leadership skills and create a just and open environment. Across the world, there is a heart cry for justice - but often the fight is too focused on the wider cause, bypassing conversations about individual leaders across our churches, organisations, charities and communities. Just Leadership is for every leader - whether you are in Church or other Christian leadership, business or professional leadership or even a leader within your local community - who wants to build their skills and start leading the way to a better future.

ISBN: 9780281085538
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: IVP - published 16/09/2021
Format: Paperback  

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