The Art of Celebration
Rend Collective
The Art Of Celebration takes that a step further showing us that celebration is not a one dimensional thing that in celebration it is the essence of our inheritance in God and our journey together as a community of believers that we celebrate. From the rousing More Than Conquerors and My Lighthouse, to the reflective Immeasurably More and Simplicity, this contains the creativity that has been associated with Rend yet a depth of spirituality than transcends across the church. These songs show a maturing and honing of their craft as songwriters for the church allowing The Art Of Celebration to show what it simply is.

Rend Collective (as the band is often affectionately referred to) is made up of about 15 Irish young men and women who share two passions: God and music. The result is an eclectic mix of music that ranges across the genres from rock to folk. Songs from Rend Collective's three albums contain themes of redemption, devotion and celebration; the hearts of these passionate believers laid out in the open through eloquent lyricism and raw musical talent.

ISBN: 000768526620
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: INTEGRITY MUSIC - published 17/03/2014
Format: CD