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Denis McBride
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Steve Stockman
The Spiritual Journey of U2. This is the book everyone is talking about. WALK ON: The Spiritual Journey of U2 tackles the issues and questions everyone wants to know but no one has directly explored about the world's biggest rock band. Throughout WALK ON, author Steve Stockman mines the band's pub... (more)
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Sally Welch
The labyrinth is one of the most ancient tools for spiritual growth and development, dating back to medieval Christianity, and is currently enjoying a popular revival, especially in contemporary Fresh Expressions of church. This illustrated book is for beginners and seasoned labyrinth explorers ali... (more)
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Sister E Tuttle / Dennis Wrigley
This book of prayers and meditations is a fusion of the inspiration given to a Catholic Sister and a Protestant layman. It is a spiritual pilgrimage, highly personal and rooted in day to day human experience. Set out in three sections the book explores our relationship with the three persons of the ... (more)
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Issler, Klaus
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Ann Lewin
Poetry that reflects the authors experiences of the love of god with which many people can identify.
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Gerald L. Sittser
Gerald L. Sittser overviews Christian history through the lens of spirituality, looking at what we can learn about the spiritual life from various figures and eras. The history of the church has shaped what our faith and practice are like today. It's tempting to think that the way we do things no... (more)