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Karyn Henley
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From the best-selling author of The Beginner's Bible come these three fun tales from the friends of Tails Town. Full of a delightful cast of animal characters, including Owlfred the owl, Chester the fun-loving squirrel, Twigs the hedgehog, and Tennyson the poet turtle, each book tells a story that t... (more)
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Darrell Wiskur
PRESCHOOL AGES • Simple board books with a creation-based message • A child’s first science book • Breathtaking art will delight children • Encourages children to develop their imaginations in a learning setting This Undersea Journey -board book features a built-in mirror for children to see themsel... (more)
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Woody, Marilyn
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C Mackenzie
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Sattgast; Elkin
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Ted the tortoise was slow. . . very slow. But what he lacked in wit, speed and agility he more than made up for in grace. But his friends often treat him unkindly and one boy in the village uses his hard shell as a drum. These beautifully crafted illustrations and carefully constructed stories ch... (more)
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Randy Alcorn
Ten-year-old Jake struggles to understand his grandma's death. But as he spends two weeks at his grandfather's home, he is able to receive answers to his questions about Heaven. As Jake and Grandpa fish, watch the stars, and take long walks, Grandpa shares what the Bible says about the reality an... (more)
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Lois Rock