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Herrick, James
Neo-paganism. The paranormal. Astrology. Nature religion. Holistic thinking. Healing. New Age. New spirituality. A massive shift in Western religious attitudes has taken place almost without our noticing it. The Judeo-Christian tradition of Western culture has slowly but steadily been ecli... (more)
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Dave Urbanski
Who was Johnny Cash? Rock star? Preacher? Drug addict? Saint? In truth, the Man in Black lived long enough and hard enough to embody all of these-and much more. He was a musical legend, a one-of-a-kind communicator, an American icon-but someone that could never be pigeonholed. Cash's faith in Go... (more)
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Margret Gallyon
The Christian mystics open our eyes to a world beyond this one, to the world of the spirit and of God, of whom they had a direct knowledge and experience, obtained chiefly through prayer, meditation and contemplation. The purpose of this book is to introduce the general reader to the fifteenth centu... (more)
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Patricia McCormack
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Michael Yaconelli
What!? You're not perfect? That's all right, God loves you anyway. He even loves the author of this book, and he's really a mess. There is a spirituality for people who often don't feel very spiritual and it will bring you closer to God. Find it in this book. I Guess I’m Not a Very Good Christian... (more)
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Mike Yaconelli
' "Spirituality" may be possible for a single, old, financially stable contemplative who has nothing to do but pray,' says Michael Yaconelli, 'But for people like you and me, with kids and mortgages and jobs and car payments, probably not.' There are many obstacles to the kind of spirituality we fee... (more)