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Keffer; Miller
These compilations of Bible Stories and activities give families the chance to learn important Bible truths together, and not just use traditional storytelling methods. Parents and children act out bible stories, work on exciting projects, participate in fun games, and other activities that reinforc... (more)
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M Quattlebaum
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Parents and teachers will love sharing Bible stories with their preschoolers using this unique, engaging storybook. Each of the 104 Bible stories is presented with bright, fun illustrations that are sure to appeal to young children. The stories also feature interactive ideas (motion, sound effects, ... (more)
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G McCaughrean
This picture book tells a story about the father and son relationship between Joseph and Jesus. 'So, long after the star had set, after the angels had roosted, after the shepherds had hurried back to their sheep, there was one person still awake in a dark stable, watching over a sleeping child... (more)
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Schreur, Jack &
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Barbara Davoll
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Young children will love this simplified retelling of Baby Jesus. Follow the story by selecting the picture tabs. Read the text and encourage your child to look and talk about what is happening on each page.
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In this beautifully illustrated picture book, 13 specially selected stories from both the Old and New Testaments are retold for the very young. Mary Hoffman's lively retellings preserve all the mystery, wonder, and excitement of the Bible, while the charming illustrations by Julie Downing bring the ... (more)
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Seymour, Brenda