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Julie Stiegmeyer / Cheri Beadholm
Joseph was key to God''s promise to send a Savior. Jesus was not his biological son, but God made Joseph His adopted father, the provider and caretaker of Mary, and the Savior, Jesus. This picture book inspired by Scripture tells the story of Christmas from Joseph''s point of view.
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Nick Page / Siobhan Harrison
Four soft finger puppets and a delightful board book make a perfect gift for adults and young children to enjoy together. The Christmas Story Finger Friends book features four characters from the story of the nativity: the angel, Mary, a shepherd and a wise man. Lively illustrations introduc... (more)
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Haidle, David
This richly illustrated book helps children ages three and up appreciate this wonderful symbol and understand its deep roots in Christian tradition. For example, its evergreen needles are a reminder of eternal life, the lights remind us that Jesus is the Light of the World, and a star on top points ... (more)
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Tracey Moroney
The reader can join in the joy of the Christmas story in this stand-up book that doubles as a stable.
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Jesslyn DeBoer / Nancy Munger
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Alan Parry
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