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Ruth Ashby
Long ago, when hardly anyone knew how to read or write, people recited stories by heart. They sat around the hearth at night, telling of heroes and monsters, great battles fought, and fortunes made and lost. On feast days, they passed the harp around the room so that everyone could sing a poem. But ... (more)
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Jerman, Jerry
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Donna Vann
Find out what its like to live and work in the far east country of Cambodia amongst the Khmer people. Discover what it’s like to work as a missionary in a Buddhist country. Join in with the adventure as you travel around in taxis, vans, trucks, carts and tuk-tuks – small roofed carriages pulled arou... (more)
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Davoll, Barbara
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Juliet David
365 stories make up this daily Bible for 5 – 7 year olds. Each story has a Bible verse, scripture reference and additional notes or questions in the coloured panel down the side of the page, to encourage more detailed use. A warm, classic art style gives this Bible a traditional feel.
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C Mackenzie
God is powerful. He made the whole world just be speaking! God is loving. He cares for the people, the plants and animals which he made. God has a plan - to care for, and renew, his creation. Then the wolf and the lamb will be friends; the lions will be as tame as the horse and cows. We are ... (more)
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C Mackenzie
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Lee Strobel
Did God create the universe? Or was there a big bang? Author Lee Strobel explains cutting-edge scientific research proving that the universe was designed. "Excellent for Homeschool Use" You meet sceptics every day. They ask questions like: Are your science teachers wrong? Is the Big Bang theory t... (more)