More information on The New Bible In Pictures for Little Eyes
K N Taylor
Here's the perfect first Bible for the very young children.It's a thrill for parents to buy their children their first Bible. How do you choose? The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes has been a favorite for over four decades, with short illustrated Bible stories written in simple language. Now, The ... (more)
More information on The Loud Family
K. Pebley O'Neal
Meet the LOUD family of Papa and Mama Loud and their three children, Blare, Rory and Baby Boom. Wherever this loud but lovable family goes everyone is sure to know. When the family disrupts the congregation on Sunday morning, a turn of events helps everyone learn about accepting others and recognizi... (more)
More information on The Messy Family
K. Pebley O'Neal
The Messy family is frantically trying to tidy the house in time for their friends' arrival, but they will never get done in time; will the Albrights still want to be their friends? Oh no! Friends are coming, and the Messys must team up to clean up. But when an intricate cobweb and new litter of ... (more)
More information on Grandpa Grumpy's Family
K. Pebley O'Neal
Gregory's Grandpa Grumpy can't stop grumbling; about breakfast, the possibility of rain, or even about the zoo, which Grandpa promised to take Gregory and his friends to. But in the end, Gregory knows Grandpa is grumbling in love. Gregory's Grandpa Grumpy is certainly cranky—he can find something... (more)
More information on The Silly Family
K. Pebley O'neal
The Silly family is helping out with the church picnic, but their silly behavior is getting some of the other helpers worried. But in the end, it is their silly behavior that teaches the congregation that a joyful heart makes a cheery face. Not everyone loves a joke the way Mr. and Mrs. Silly and... (more)
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Kadono, Eiko
More information on The Rumpoles & The Barleys - A Little Story about Being Thankful
Karen Hunt
Welcome to the world of Eustace and Prunella, two little mice very much like brothers and sisters everywhere. When the naughty pair are sent to their room for misbehaving, they sneak out of their bedroom window and land in a farm wagon full of.... (well, that's a secret readers will discover for ... (more)
More information on A Picnic with The Barleys
Karen Hunt
"It was a glorious, sunshiny day, just right for a picnic in the country." The merry adventures of Eustace and Prunella Rumpole continue in this heartwarming story about two lively mice families, the Rumpoles and the Barleys. The Rumpole family mice venture out from their cozy attic home atop ... (more)
More information on Circles of Hope
Karen Lynn Williams
Young Facile wants to plant a tree in honor of his new baby sister, but he faces many obstacles. The first seed he plants is eaten by a goat, the second seed is washed away in a storm, and another seed is burnt by a scrub fire. Will Facile ever be able to plant a tree that will grow strong for baby ... (more)
More information on Four Feet, Two Sandals
Karen Lynn Williams / Khadra Mohammed
When relief workers bring used clothing to the refugee camp, everyone scrambles to grab whatever they can. Ten-year-old Lina is thrilled when she finds a sandal that fits her foot perfectly, until she sees that another girl has the matching shoe. tSoon Lina and Feroza meet, each wearing one coveted ... (more)