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H A Ironside
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H A Williams
The True Wilderness has established itself as one of the spiritual classics of the twentieth century. Given as sermons to Trinity College undergraduates in the years following the author's breakdown in the 1950's, it illustrates the dangers of bad religion and the debilitating effects of a false vie... (more)
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Haddon, Celia
Here, in one volume, are 100 of the greatest and most life-changing spiritual passages ever written, through the ages and across the faiths. Far from being predictable, this collection contains much that will be fresh and new, to discover and enjoy. Lao Tzu's "Te Tao Ching", Dr Samuel Johnson, Marcu... (more)
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Hannah Ward / Jennifer Wild
The Monastic way is a book of inspirational daily readings drawn from the writings of those who have lived the monastic life in all the major spiritual traditions of the Eastern and Western Churches: Benedictine, Franciscan, Orthodox, Carmelite and others. For each month there is a specific them... (more)
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Harris, Mark
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