A New Inner Relish
Dane Ortlund
“Why should twenty-first century Christians listen to Jonathan
Edwards? “After all, Edwards was born three hundred years ago in an obscure Connecticut town. He never benefited from a laptop, a microphone, Google, or American Airlines. Colonial New England knew nothing of automobiles, credit cards, iPods, cell phones, or professional sports. The powdered wigs that grace surviving portraits of early eighteenth-century aristocrats seem to relay not only an outer sternness but also an inner austerity to match.

“Yet Jonathan Edwards must be heard today. Not because he was an intellectual giant (though he was); nor because secular academicians, owning no interest in the Savior for whom he poured out his life, revere him as the greatest philosophertheologian in American history (though they do); nor because he wrote with singular beauty of prose (he did not).

“Jonathan Edwards must be heard today because he exhaled the air of eternity as one intoxicated with the resplendent beauty of the immortal God in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This was his all-consuming passion as he lived under an awareness of and enthrallment with God foreign to vast portions of the church today.”
Dane Ortlund

What made Jonathan Edwards tick? Dane Ortlund shows us that Edwards was gripped, spellbound by what he saw in God – and that underscored everything he did. Such motivation is essential to authentic Christian living

ISBN: 9781845503499
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CHRISTIAN FOCUS - published 01/05/2008
Format: Paperback