Notes on Bread and Wine: Reflections on the Eucharist in Daily Life
Aysha St Giles
Christians of all traditions will find Notes on Bread and Wine an extraordinarily fresh and challenging look at Jesus' giving of bread and wine to his disciples. Whether we talk about Holy Communion, the Eucharist, the Lord's Supper or the breaking of bread, Aysha St Giles' meditations will help us think more about its full meaning and how we can live it out in our daily lives.
These 36 short chapters explore in a simple yet powerful way the themes of gifts and giving, com-
munity and sharing, transformation of life, being cleansed, human co-
operation with the divine, choices, brokenness, and giving thanks. The author also sensitively reflects on interlinked social and ethical topics related to food: such as how we grow and use it, how supermarkets source it, how we market it, or genetically modify it, the labour that produces it, fasting, diet and food disorders. She asks: 'Is what we believe reflected in how we live?
Each chapter ends with suggested bible readings and questions to help stimulate private prayer or group discussion so that, as our lives are transformed by the presence of the living Jesus, we can fully respond to the 'invitation to discover the patterns that connect heaven and the ordinary and to welcome the grace and reality of God into everyday life.

ISBN: 9781844172092
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: KEVIN MAYHEW - published 15/02/2004
Format: Paperback