Behind the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation
C Bartholomew (ed) / C S Evans (ed) / Mary Healy (ed) / Murray Rae (ed)
‘There are few topics more central to the task of biblical interpretation than history, and not many become so multifaceted as soon as they are examined in depth. Equally, few books open up the topic in such an illuminating and thoughtprovoking manner as this splendid collection of essays and responses.’
(Hugh Williamson, Regius Professor of Hebrew, University of Oxford)

‘This volume of excellent essays brings together eminent scholars from several disciplines, representing various theological positions, to focus on the subject of history and biblical interpretation. The book breaks new ground in its interdisciplinary examination of the methodology, the presuppositions, the practices, and the purposes of biblical hermeneutics, with a special emphasis on the relation of faith and history. It is requisite reading for anyone interested in the subject, from historical biblical critics and philosophical theologians to educated laity concerned to understand trends in the field.’
(Eleonore Stump, Robert J. Henle Professor of Philosophy, Saint Louis University)


• Introduction – Craig G. Bartholomew

Historical Criticism – Critical Assessments
• Two (or More) Kinds of Scripture Scholarship – Alvin Plantinga
• Warranted Biblical Interpretation: Alvin Plantinga’s ‘Two (or More) Types of Scripture Scholarship’ – Craig G. Bartholomew
• A Warranted Version of Historical Biblical Criticism? – Robert Gordon
• Reason and Scripture Scholarship – Alvin Plantinga
• Do You Want Us to Listen to You? – Peter Van Inwagen
• Taking Soundings - History and the Authority of Scripture: A Response to Peter Van Inwagen – Colin J.D. Greene
• Which Conversation Shall We Have? History, Historicism and Historical narrative in Theological Interpretation: A Response to Peter Van Inwagen – Joel Green
• Historical Criticism of the Synoptic Gospels – William P. Alston
• Behind, in Front of … or Through the Text? The Christological Analogy and the Lost World of Biblical Truth – Mary Healy
• The Place of History in Catholic Exegesis: An Examination of the Pontifical Biblical Commission’s The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church – Peter Williamson

Rethinking History
• Knowing and Believing: Faith in the Past – Iain Provan
• Creation and Promise: Towards a Theology of History – Murray A. Rae

Tradition and History
• The Conflict of Tradition and History – Walter Sundberg
• Tradition, Biblical Interpretation and Historical Truth – C. Stephen Evans

History and Narrative
• Ricoeur on History, Fiction, and Biblical Hermeneutics – Gregory J. Laughery
• (Pre) Figuration: Masterplot and Meaning in Biblical History – David Lyle Jeffrey

History and Biblical Interpretation
• Reconstructing and Interpreting Amos’s Literary Prehistory: A Dialogue with Redaction Criticism – Karl Möller
• What Lesson Will History Teach? The Book of the Twelve as History – Christopher Seitz
• Divine Speaking as Godly Action in Old Testament Narrative: The Metaphysics of Exodus 14 – Neil B. MacDonald
• Inhabiting the Story: The Use of the Bible in the Interpretation of History – Stephen I. Wright

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