Baby Daze (DVD)
When a baby shows up on the doorstep of Whit's End, the place becomes a flurry of splattered food, dirty diapers and talking sock-puppets! Eugene wants to study the child's behavior in the name of "science." And Dylan and Connie can only laugh at his hilarious attempts at childcare.

But the baby's short history catches up to him and the events that follow turn Eugene's world upside down. An evil scientist! Runaway robots! And kidnapping? Oh, my! Eugene must decide which is more valuable - the advance of science or a life made in the image of God.

Follow the animated adventures of Dylan, Whit, Eugene and all the characters from the Adventures in Odyssey® radio series in these exciting videos.Each episode deals with a different value.

ISBN: 9780849958618
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: THOMAS NELSON - published N/A
Format: DVD