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Frank Hammond / Ida Mae Hammond
Learn about warfare and deliverance in the heavenlies, and how to pray for cities and for nations. Contains practial insights into spiritual warfare: Each Christian Is a Soldier, Equipped With Weapons; The Power To Bind & Loose Are Two Keys By Which Satan's Kingdom Will Be Defeated, Christians Can C... (more)
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Richard Baxter
Richard Baxter's The Saints' Everlasting Rest (1650) has long been recognized as one of the great classics of Christian devotion, and it is by this book that he is best known. The original work consists of some eight hundred thousand words-a clear example of Baxter's prolific pen-yet in Baxter's own... (more)
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Howell, Derek
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Howell, Derek
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Ray Simpson
This book chronicles the lives of some early Celtic Christians in a calendar of saints, prayers and readings, which amplify their life and draw the reader into the bright Celtic world of the first millennium.
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Rosa Giorgi
Every Catholic saint, local and liturgical, is honoured on a particular day of the year. In many cases, an order of precedence has been worked out to determine which saints are most important. In "Saints", Rosa Giorgi has chosen up to three saints for every day of the year, along with representation... (more)
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Ruth Sanderson
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Kenneth Steven
The Celtic Christian world and the islands of the Hebrides have inspired many of these beautiful, evocative poems. Some recreate those early Celtic days in Ireland and in western Scotland, others are concerned with the finding of God's presence in our lives amidst the ordinary and the everyday. All ... (more)