More information on Faith and Politics After Christendom: Church as a Movement for Anarchy
Jonathan Bartley
A controversial proposal for rethinking how Christians engage politically after the death of Christendom. By definition, one of the most integral issues raised by the idea of post-Christendom is the relationship between church and state. For the best part of 1700 years, the institutional church has... (more)
More information on Faith and Sword: Short History of Christian-Muslim History
Alan Jamieson
In todayís tense geopolitical climate, terrorist groups avow their allegiance to the Islamic faith in their edicts, while the president of the United States undertakes controversial wars in Islamic nations and openly refers to his Christian faith as a key component of his decision-making. With the r... (more)
More information on Faith And The City
Jennifer Ruisch
More information on Faith and Works
John Neville Greaves
For a man who, in his youth, regarded the Church as something at odds with his world-view, John Neville Greaves would little have expected to spend his life's work as a servant of God. This memoir charts his experiences as a priest in the many and diverse parishes of the north of England throughout ... (more)
More information on Faith as a Way of Life: A Vision for Pastoral Leadership
Christian Scharen
Christian ministry is deeply concerned with proclaiming the transforming power of Godís gift of faith in the daily lives of disciples. How is it, then, that Christian faith so often fails to be an orienting force that impacts every aspect of our lives? In Faith as a Way of Life Christian Scharen ... (more)
More information on Faith Based Fitness
Cooper, Kenneth
The world's leading expert on physical fitness, gives "couch potatoes" the key to proper spiritual motivation to unlock health and long life.
More information on Faith Begins @ Home Mom
Maria Holmen / Mark Holmen
There is a special bond between mothers and their children. In Christian families, this bond can grow beyond biology to the life of the spirit, but many moms donít know how to begin nurturing their childrenís relationship with God. This new series of Faith Begins @ Home resources is designed to help... (more)
More information on Faith Begins At Home
Mark Holmen
In the past, faith was a central part of the family s home life, yet the reality for many families today is that faith is no more than one-hour, drop off Christianity. To become the strong, healthy, joy-filled families God intended begins with parents establishing their homes as the primary place wh... (more)
More information on Faith Beyond Despair: Building Hope in the Holy Land
Elias Chacour / Alain Michel
Based upon conversations recorded by a French journalist, this book mixes autobiographical reflections with a critique of the contemporary state of the Middle East. It tells the stories of many individuals working for peace and of his own work, especially with children and students of the school and... (more)