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Walter Elwell
A thorough, quick reference to all that Scripture teaches about doctrines and Christian life. Complete texts pertaining to each point are assembled around easy-to-use outlines of Christian issues.
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Charles F Pfeiffer
Much of the Bible is a history of God's dealings with his people Israel. The events it records took place in a specific geographical environment that involved many people and places. So to more clearly understand the Bible, it's helpful to visualize how Israel interacted with her neighbors and was a... (more)
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Davies, Benjamin
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Engle, Paul E.
In this updated, interdenominational wedding manual, pastors will find a comprehensive, creative, and up-to-date resource for conducting traditional and contemporary weddings and special ceremonies such as the renewal of vows and the blessing of a civil ceremony. Crafted in bonded leather with ribbo... (more)
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Engle, Paul E.
Presents traditional or contemporary services including communion, baptisms, dedications, special occasions, and weekly services.
More information on Balance Of The NIV, The
Barker, Kenneth
Since 1986 the NIV has been the best-selling English version of the Bible. One out of every three new Bibles sold today is an NIV and there are over 120 million copies of NIV Bibles and New Testaments in print. What makes this translation so popular? The answer, according to Kenneth Barker, is balan... (more)
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Watchman Nee
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When we try to do it all, we end up stressed out, fatigued and disconnected from God. But He didn't put us here to pile our plates so high that we fail to function. In fact, Jesus clearly tells us that our daily worries are unimportant. The most valuable way we can spend our day is with Him (see Luk... (more)
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Howard, J
More information on Balancing The Christian Life
Charles Ryrie