More information on Gateways to God
Pete Lowman
All to easily our spirituality runs out of steam. How can we find 'roots' that will last us a lifetime? Where can we find an ever-broading vision of God? Jesus has a solution for us, ready to hand. Life comes to us as we learn to pioneer in his Word: exploring its unknown regions, discovering what H... (more)
More information on Gathered For The Journey: Moral Theology from a Catholic Perspective
David McCarthy
Gathered for the Journey brings to market, a new and contemporary approach to catholic moral theology. The writers, all post Vatican II contemporaries themselves, have created a tightly knitted series of chapters, with a specific undergraduate student readership in mind. Threefold in structure, part... (more)
More information on Gathering for Worship - Patterns and Prayers for the Community of ...
Baptist Union of GB
New Edition Coming shortly
More information on Gathering Of Memories
Lori Wick
More information on Gathering Storm
Tippitt, Sammy
More information on Gathering to His Name
Timothy Grass
The story of the Brethren in Britain and Ireland What was it like to belong to a Brethren assembly? How and why did assemblies come into being? And what do they have to offer to the wider church today? This book traces the story of the Brethren movement in Britain and Ireland from its beginni... (more)
More information on Gay Agenda, The
Dr Ronnie W Floyd
More information on Gays and the Future of Anglicanism: Responses to the Windsor Report
Andrew Linzey (ed)
The Anglican Communion stands at a crossroads. Some want Anglicanism to be exclusive of gays, especially gay priests and bishops. The Windsor Report is seen as the means of achieving this by centralising the Anglican Communion, and bringing wayward provinces, like ECUSA, to heel. In this collection ... (more)