More information on Faith @ Home Prayer
Mark Holmen
Parents want to pray at home with their children, but many don’t know where to start. This new series of Faith Begins @ Home resources is designed to help parents bring faith home. Faith @ Home Prayer is an easy-to-use resource that starts from square one and ends in a 24/7 lifestyle of family faith... (more)
More information on Faith and Doubt Of John Betjeman
Kevin Gardner
More information on Faith and Fatherland: Parish Politics in Hitler's Germany
Kyle Jantzen
An informative glimpse into the world of German Protestants in the difficult Hitler era, Faith and Fatherland approaches the history of the Church Struggle from the "bottom up," using sources like pastors' correspondence, parish newsletters, local newspaper accounts, district superintendents' report... (more)
More information on Faith and Human Rights
Richard Amesbury / George Newlands
Offers historical, philosophical, and theological perspectives • Drafts blueprints for a culturally sensitive "theology of human rights.
More information on Faith And Life
Warfield, B.B.
More information on Faith and Politics After Christendom: Church as a Movement for Anarchy
Jonathan Bartley
A controversial proposal for rethinking how Christians engage politically after the death of Christendom. By definition, one of the most integral issues raised by the idea of post-Christendom is the relationship between church and state. For the best part of 1700 years, the institutional church has... (more)
More information on Faith and Sword: Short History of Christian-Muslim History
Alan Jamieson
In today’s tense geopolitical climate, terrorist groups avow their allegiance to the Islamic faith in their edicts, while the president of the United States undertakes controversial wars in Islamic nations and openly refers to his Christian faith as a key component of his decision-making. With the r... (more)
More information on Faith And The City
Jennifer Ruisch
More information on Faith and Works
John Neville Greaves
For a man who, in his youth, regarded the Church as something at odds with his world-view, John Neville Greaves would little have expected to spend his life's work as a servant of God. This memoir charts his experiences as a priest in the many and diverse parishes of the north of England throughout ... (more)