More information on Faith - Catch It: Knowing about It Is Not Enough
Scott Webb
Webb shares four things that are necessary to develop the spirit of faith. This enlightening message will inspire believers to seek God through His Word and move out in faith in a greater way than ever before.
More information on Faith - What It Is And What It Leads To
Charles H Spurgeon
In one of the best explanations of faith ever given, Charles Spurgeon paints a panoramic picture of faith that covers each element of this essential topic and yet also shows us the big picture of what it means to believe in Jesus Christ and live for Him. The promise of faith can be yours. Step into ... (more)
More information on Faith & Creeds Christian Belief For Everyone
Alistair McGRATH
The Christian Belief for Everyone series comprises five reliable, accessible and readable guides to the basic ideas of the Christian faith. Full of stories and helpful illustrations, these guides have been written primarily for ordinary churchgoers but will also appeal to interested readers outside ... (more)
More information on Faith & Doubt
John Ortberg
What if the most important word is the one in the middle? We often think of doubt as the opposite of faith, but could it actually strengthen our relationship with God? According to John Ortberg, bestselling author and pastor, the very nature of faith requires the presence of uncertainty. In th... (more)
More information on Faith @ Home Dad
Mark Holmen
Learn how to nurture love for God in the lives of your children. In Faith Begins @ Home: Dads you'll find step-by-step tips and age-appropriate guides for instilling a vibrant faith in your child. This easy-to-use resource also offers you true-life stories from other dads experiencing the power and ... (more)
More information on Faith @ Home Devotions
Mark Holmen
Christian parents hear all the time about the importance of family devotions, but if they never experienced the impact of seeking God together as a family during their own childhoods, getting started can be intimidating. This new series of Faith Begins @ Home resources is designed to help parents br... (more)
More information on Faith @ Home Prayer
Mark Holmen
Parents want to pray at home with their children, but many don’t know where to start. This new series of Faith Begins @ Home resources is designed to help parents bring faith home. Faith @ Home Prayer is an easy-to-use resource that starts from square one and ends in a 24/7 lifestyle of family faith... (more)
More information on Faith and Doubt Of John Betjeman
Kevin Gardner
More information on Faith and Fatherland: Parish Politics in Hitler's Germany
Kyle Jantzen
An informative glimpse into the world of German Protestants in the difficult Hitler era, Faith and Fatherland approaches the history of the Church Struggle from the "bottom up," using sources like pastors' correspondence, parish newsletters, local newspaper accounts, district superintendents' report... (more)