More information on Christian Cyberspace Companion/2Nd
Baker, Jason
Reference works and guides to on-line services have been appearing throughout the computer world. This is the first specifically designed for Christians who would like to take advantage of online services. Beginners learn how to choose equipment and software, while experienced net surfers are provid... (more)
More information on Parents Computer Companion
Baker, Jason
A majority of homes with children now have computers, but many parents lack either the knowledge or the confidence to help their kids make use of valuable resources. Parents Computer Companion is an instructional guide that enables families to locate and use the best online and produ... (more)
More information on Sermon On The Mount - Matthew
Baker, Jenny
These studies make use of relevant and recent media which helps to ground the Bible study in contemporary bounds. This study features The Sermon on the Mount. Here is the first in a series of work-books that focus on a particular subject which is then split into different sections for easy access. ... (more)
More information on Weird Christians I Have Met
Baker, Philip
With wisdom and gentle humour the author introduces some fascinating characters. By helping the reader to appreciate the differences in others, the aim is for us to achieve a balanced walk with God.
More information on Bone Of Contention - Is Evolution True?
Baker, Sylvia
The theory of evolution has been a 'Bone of Contention' for the past 150 years. But is it true? This is the question Sylvia Baker examines here. A biology graduate of the University of Sussex and the University of London, she had accepted the evolutionary theory put to her, at school and University,... (more)
More information on Making Many Glad
Baker, William
More information on Praying Always
Bakker, Frans