More information on Holy Spirit, the Promised One
Frank Bailey
Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is critical in today's great outpouring, and this book defines every aspect of the Holy Spirit including: Who He is. The baptism of the Holy Spirit Prayer language. The gifts of the Spirit. Reasons for speaking in tongues. Pastor and author Frank Bailey believes... (more)
More information on Finding God in the Shadows - Stories from the Battlefield of Life
Marsha Hansen / Peter Huchthausen
The stories in this volume are of men and women who exhibit moral courage and who take responsible action despite hardships, privations, or the burdens of making life and death decisions for others. Most of the stories are set against the backdrop of war or conflict and incorporate parallel historic... (more)
More information on Spirit Life - Living the Fruit of God's Spirit
Christopher Page
In the famous biblical passage known as "The Fruit of the Spirit," St. Paul describes distinctive qualities that characterize the lives of those who walk in the Spirit of Christ. In these intimately spiritual and eminently practical reflections, Christopher Page helps us to discover and express t... (more)
More information on Listen with Your Heart: Spiritual Living with the Rule of Saint Bened
M Basil Pennington
For today's hungry Christians, teachings on the Rule of Saint Benedict by one of the twentieth century's best-loved Catholic writers.
More information on Light in the Dark Ages
Jon Sweeney
The Middle Ages were not so very dark. Rather, we live in 'dark ages' whenever we become preoccupied with power. This portrait of the first Franciscans reveals the temptations that come with being human - greed, competition, ego, and selfishness - as well as the many ways that Francis and Clare insp... (more)
More information on SCM Core Text: Christian Spirituality
Karen E Smith
The SCM Core Text: Christian Spirituality brings together biblical, historical and pastoral reflections on the nature of Christian spirituality within community. It is written for second and third year university students who are studying Christian spirituality as an academic discipline, and would b... (more)
More information on Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Experiences: A Manual to Experiencing
Julia Loren / James Goll
Go beyond the realm of your natural senses to the Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Experiences. Jesus is bigger than all of us. His power and ways transcend our understanding. But if we are to grow in all He has for us, we need to tap into what the Holy Spirit has for us today. This book is filled w... (more)
More information on The Oblate Life
Gervase Holdaway
The pattern of religious life is changing dramatically. While the numbers of professed monks and nuns is small and falling, large numbers of men and women people are formally promising to live in the world by monastic values. Equally, churches are failing to win large numbers, but many are drawn to ... (more)
More information on Spiritual Direction - An Introduction
Sue Pickering
Spiritual direction has been an intrinsic part of the Christian tradition since the earliest days of the church when desert mothers and fathers were sought out for their wisdom and guidance. Today, the popularity of retreats and renewed interest in monastic spirituality has put spiritual direction i... (more)
More information on Spiritual Discipleship
J Oswald Sanders
take time and trouble to keep yourself spiritually fit. (1 Timothy 4:7 phillips) As J. Oswald Sanders points out, true discipleship is more than intellectual assent to a belief in Christ—it involves the whole person and lifestyle. Those with only a superficial belief will soon fall away ... (more)