More information on Through the Narrow Gate: A Memoir of Spiritual Discovery
karen Armstrong
Through the Narrow Gate is Karen Armstrong's intimate memoir of life inside a Catholic convent. With refreshing honesty and clarity, the book takes readers on a revelatory adventure that begins with Armstrong's decision in the course of her spiritual training offers a fascinating view into a shroude... (more)
More information on The Bible: A Biography (Books That Changed the World)
Karen Armstrong
In this seminal account, acclaimed historian Armstrong discusses the conception, gestation, life, and afterlife of historys most powerful book. She analyzes the social and political situation in which oral history turned into written scripture, how this scripture was collected into one work, and how... (more)
More information on Islam: a Short History
Karen Armstrong
In the public mind, Islam is a religion of extremes: it is the world's fastest growing faith; more than three-quarters of the world's refugees are Islamic; it has produced government by authoritarian monarchies in Saudi Arabia and ultra-republicans in Iran. Whether we are reading about civil war in ... (more)
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Karen Armstrong
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Karen Ball
Annie Justice sees things differently. Her unconventional condition, synesthesia, helped make her one of the most sought-after stained-glass artists in the country. And teamed with her German shepherd, she's just as successful in her work with the K-9 Search and Rescue Team, finding people seemingly... (more)
More information on Surprising Ways God Answers Prayer
Karen Barber
In a culture used to fast results, it can be difficult to wait on God's answers to prayer. But what if he has already answered and we don't even know it? Karen Barber takes a fresh approach to prayer as she helps readers discover God's sometimes unlikely answers. With fascinating, real-life stories,... (more)
More information on SCM Core Text: Christian Spirituality
Karen E Smith
The SCM Core Text: Christian Spirituality brings together biblical, historical and pastoral reflections on the nature of Christian spirituality within community. It is written for second and third year university students who are studying Christian spirituality as an academic discipline, and would b... (more)
More information on A Life That Says Welcome
Karen Ehman
The thought of hosting a dinner party or even having a friend over for coffee is enough to give some women flashbacks of lopsided cakes or doomed casseroles from home economics class. But opening up your home to others doesn't have to be fancy or frightening or cost a fortune, says Karen Ehman. ... (more)
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Karen Ehman / Kelly Hovermale / Trish Smith
Beyond birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays, and holy days, there is the every day. And while the loss of the first tooth or the first day of school may seem like normal, ordinary occurrences, these authors show that even "just because" events are enough reason to celebrate the One who gives us... (more)