More information on Mark: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist
F. Maloney
The earliest and briefest of the four Gospels has traditionally been ascribed to a disciple named Mark In some ages it been overshadowed by its lengthier neighbors in the New Testament, but its pages hold rich rewards for those who ask the right questions. Who was “Mark,” and what were his purposes—... (more)
More information on Journeying Through Acts
F. Spencer
Journeying through Acts explores the literary and cultural aspects of Acts and offers a fresh reading of this dramatic volume. Acts is unique in the New Testament canon in part because it is not a gospel or a Pauline letter. It presents a dynamic story of the spread of the Christian gospel from Jer... (more)
More information on Mothers Grief Observed, A
Faber, Rebecca
A powerful and personal journal that chronicles a mother's grief after the loss of a child and her ultimate realization of God's faithfulness.
More information on Story of An Icon, The
Fabriciano Ferrero
The story of the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help is the story of one of the most celebrated images in the world. It is renowned wherever the Mother of God is venerated. This image has become the source of deep devotion and special love. The Story of an leon tells us how this came about. The boo... (more)
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Facklam; Carpen
More information on Fantastic Adventures in Trusting Him
Faith Alexander / Joshua Alexander
More information on Overcoming the World (ET Perspectives Series No. 4)
Faith Cook
Here is a collection of ten biographical sketches spanning a timescale of 450 years from John Rogers in the 1500s to Fred Mitchell in the 1950s. In her inimitable style, Faith Cook draws the reader deeply into each story. Moving through time, this little book will encourage the reader by showing aga... (more)