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F W Krummacher
This series of devotional meditations on the final scenes in the life of Christ on earth has been prized by successive generations of Christians ever since its original publication in 1854. Translated almost immediately into English and frequently republished, the book has been described as the grea... (more)
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F Xavier Durrwell
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F. & M. Howard Taylor
The story of Hudson Taylor has inspired the lives of generations of Christians. Coming from humble origins and battling through great hardships to found the China Inland Mission, his life is a monumental example of triumph in adversity. In this, the greatest of all the biographies of Taylor, not onl... (more)
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F. B Meyer
F. B. Meyer stands out as one of the key Christians in British and American history. He was a contemporary, and friend, of D. L. Moody and was involved in his ministry on both sides of the Atlantic. But that was just a small part of Meyer’s life. More than anything Meyer was a pastor who had a... (more)
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F. Maloney
The earliest and briefest of the four Gospels has traditionally been ascribed to a disciple named Mark In some ages it been overshadowed by its lengthier neighbors in the New Testament, but its pages hold rich rewards for those who ask the right questions. Who was “Mark,” and what were his purposes—... (more)
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F. Spencer
Journeying through Acts explores the literary and cultural aspects of Acts and offers a fresh reading of this dramatic volume. Acts is unique in the New Testament canon in part because it is not a gospel or a Pauline letter. It presents a dynamic story of the spread of the Christian gospel from Jer... (more)
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Faber, Rebecca
A powerful and personal journal that chronicles a mother's grief after the loss of a child and her ultimate realization of God's faithfulness.