More information on LiveSimply - A CAFOD Resource for Living
A. Shilson-Thomas / Linda Jones
livesimply is an initiative launched by the Catholic relief agency, CAFOD, to encourage lifestyles that are simple, sustainable and that show solidarity with the poor. It has been the focus of much of their recent fundraising – asking people to take the 1% challenge, for example, whereby they live o... (more)
More information on The Sovereignty of God: Include Audio Excerpts CD
A. W. Pink
Who's in control of this world-God or the devil? In this best-selling classic, A.W. Pink answers such profound questions in a language the average Christian layperson will find not only understandable but totally engaging. Pink, one of the most influential evangelical authors of the last century, wr... (more)
More information on Experiencing the Presence of God
A. W. Tozer
Deep in the soul of every person on earth is a longing for the presence of God. The heart of every human being strives toward God, but only the redeemed can overcome the great barriers between God and man. For the greatest barrier of all is the conflict between man’s desire for God and his sinful de... (more)
More information on The Worship-driven Life: The Reason We Were Created
A. W. Tozer / James L. Snyder
More information on Understanding Scripture
A.Berkeley Mickelsen / Alvera M.Mickelsen
Without question, studying the Bible can be one of the most rewarding experiences of the Christian life. Unfortunately, if you are ill-equipped, studying the Bible can also be intensely frustrating. For example, how do we know when the Bible is being literal and when it's being figurative-and how ca... (more)
More information on Living as a Christian
A.W Tozer
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Aaron Boyd / Craig Borlase