More information on Lectures to my Students
C H Spurgeon
Just wanted to make a quick and hopefully useful note to potential customers (rather than a review of this otherwise outstanding work): I realize the Editorial Reviews state that this version of "Lectures to My Students" is complete and unabridged, but unfortunately this is not the case. You'll inst... (more)
More information on Christ's Glorious Achievements: What Jesus has done for you
C H Spurgeon
The popular view of Christianity today is a list of rules. Do's and Don't seems to be what it is all about. But if that's what we think Christianity is all about then we have a lot to learn. The key to understanding Christianity is not something we have to do, but rather something that Jesus Christ ... (more)
More information on An Introduction to the Old Testament Prophetic Books (Updated Edn)
C Hassell Bullock
This updated edition clusters each major and minor prophet and his writing with the major historical events of the day. Author C. Haskell Bullock has chosen to follow a historical line of study through literary prophets, instead of the usual canonical order. Bullock opens the door so you can study t... (more)
More information on After the Church
C Henderson Davis
Claire Davis is the daughter of a Roman Catholic priest and theologian who resigned his priesthood in order to marry. This book explores a contradiction illustrated in her family's own story. It asks how a generation of people who are disillusioned with the Church can engage with the Christian narra... (more)
More information on Across The China Sky
C Hope Flinchbaugh
Though she was freed from prison, a new danger awaits.... For months she suffered in Shanghai Prison Number 14. When Mei Lin was released and returned to her life in the rural village of Tanching, she should have been content. She lived at home with her father and grandmother, working in the rice fi... (more)
More information on Evangelical Eucharistic Thought in the Church of England
C J Cocksworth
This book studies the way the Eucharist has been treated in the practice of the Evangelical tradition in the Church of England.
More information on Najila
C J Illinik
From the day she is born in Baghdad, Najila’s life is defined by conflict. Her mother a Muslim and her father the Greek Orthodox Byzantine ambassador to Persia, she must one day choose between their beliefs. When her father dies in a tragic accident, seventeen-year-old Najila inherits his estate—... (more)