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Baer, Judy
They are two hurting people. Nothing more. Or are they? Libby Morrison is attractive, single, and thoroughly immersed in caring for her aging parents. Reese Reynolds is drowning in self-pity from a gunshot wound that has left him paralyzed. A chance encounter begins their unlikely--and unpredictable... (more)
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Baer, Judy
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Baer, Randell
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Bailey, E.K
Ben Levi is a member of the distinguished tribe of Benjamin, and as his trade, he makes crosses. During the 1st century A.D. in Palestine, cross making was a thriving industry. "I made a good living in the business until that ill-fated Friday, when I was forced to face hideous consequences of my c... (more)
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Bailey, Faith C
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Bailey, John
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Bailey, Kenneth
Uses a thorough understanding of Middle Eastern peasant culture and modern literary criticism to analyze the New Testament parables in Luke.
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Bailey, Mark
There will be a time when the earth will experience devastation it has never known. Mark Bailey describes it as "the worst hour of human history." The Bible refers to this as the "tribulation." Encouraging and highly informative, this exciting video examines what happens in this future event that wi... (more)
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Bailey, Mark