More information on Galatians: New Testament Readings
Philip F. Esler
More information on Galatians: Paul's Charter of Christian Freedom
Leon Morris
Among the letters of Paul, Galatians burns like a firestorm of apostolic rebuke, persuasion and passion for the truth of the gospel. Against those who would preach "another gospel," Paul deploys an arsenal of biblical-theological reasoning and a rhetoric of vivid, contrasting images that have seldom... (more)
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Bruce Bickel / Stan Jantz
More information on Galaway Chronicles No.4/All Rivers
Thoene, Bodie
Western Ireland rejoiced in October 1844 because the potato crop was the best it had been. But by the next year, the Irish would see the potato blight destroy the crops and thousands will die of starvation. Soon a great migration to America would begin as the hopelessness of the situation finally si... (more)
More information on Galileo, Darwin and Hawking: Interplay of Science, Reason and Religion
Phil Dowe
The history of the interaction between science and religion is fraught with tension, although, as philosopher Phil Dowe demonstrates, many thoughtful and religious people have also found harmony between these two crucial fields. This fascinating book insightfully surveys the relationship of science,... (more)
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Mario D'addio
More information on Gallows Road Dvd
American drama in which new business owner Bob Collins (Ernie Hudson) teams up with his brother Seth (Marcus M. Maudlin) in a venture which has allowed the African-American siblings to open up a new antique shop in the local town. Filled with excitement and pride they are oblivious to a couple of lo... (more)
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More information on Game Changers Encountering God  And Changing the World
Gavin & Anne Calver
Have you ever wanted to change the World? If you long to see a real and lasting move of God. If you're ready to count the cost and play your part, then Game Changers will inspire and equip you, as you seek to make an impact. This book forms the theme of this years Spring Harvest in 2016
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