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F Frangipane
More information on Faith: A Practical Theological Reconstruction
F Gerrit Immink / Reinder Bruinsma
Addressing faith as it is lived, rather than as a system of doctrine, F. Gerrit Immink emphasizes that having faith means more than assenting to certain opinions about God; it involves a dynamic relationship, or dialogue, with God. As he investigates the practice of faith, Immink holds together the ... (more)
More information on Reforming The Doctrine Of God
F LeRon Shults
More information on Reforming Theological Anthropology
F Leron Shults
With the profound changes in today's intellectual and scientific landscape, traditional ways of speaking about human nature, sin, and the image of God have lost their explanatory power. In this volume F.LeRon Shults explores the challenges to and opportunities for rethinking current religious views ... (more)
More information on Faces of Forgiveness - Searching for Wholeness and Salvation
F LeRon Shults / Steven J Sandage
Throughout the years, discussions of forgiveness have occurred almost exclusively in religious circles. In the past few decades, however, forgiveness has become a popular topic in contemporary psychology. Unfortunately, there has been relatively little effort to effectively combine theological conce... (more)
More information on Transforming Spirituality: Integrating Theology and Psychology
F LeRon Shults / Steven J Sandage
"I've never seen a book quite like this. Shults and Sandage do no less than provide a vision of how the integrative enterprise would be different if psychology and theology were fundamentally relational in nature. Theoretically rigorous and immensely practical. Highly recommended."--Michael E. McCul... (more)
More information on Baptism: Archaelogical Historical Biblical
F M Buhler
In the modern English-speaking world, it was the Baptists who were the first to rediscover the biblical position on baptism, namely, that the Scriptures sanction the baptism of believers only. Since the emergence of the Baptist testimony in the British Isles in the seventeenth century, Baptists have... (more)
More information on Coping With Epilepsy
F Marshall
More information on Living With Autism
F Marshall
What is autism? How does an autistic child see the world? How can you communicate with your autistic child? Where can you find help with the challenges of caring for an autistic child? Fiona Marshall answers all these questions and more, breaking through the myths about autism and offering practical... (more)
More information on Devotions for Children
F Ridley Havergal
Frances Ridley Havergal was a famous hymn writer but she also wrote gospel stories for children. Here are thirty of her best! Just right for first thing in the morning and perfect for last thing at night. Each devotional story has a scripture and short poem to think about as we go into the day and ... (more)