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Searching for a fresh way to pray for Lent, you'll be glad you found Sacred Space for Lent. Fill each day of lent with spiritual growth and inspiration from Sacred Space for Lent. Discover the rich, distinctive prayer method that has made Sacred Space so beloved around the world. Using a si... (more)
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The fourth edition of Sacred Space for Lent provides busy people a rich and thoughtful way to enter into the season of Lent, and offers weekly themes, daily readings, and beautiful, relevant prayers.
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Quanrud, John
This book is all about Jesus.nbsp;The words recorded in it were written about Jesus over 2000 years ago. Yet today his message of peace hope love and forgiveness still resonates with people of all races nationalities educational and economic backgrounds. Some like what he said while others disagree ... (more)
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Christian George
In Sacred Travels Christian Timothy George recovers the ancient spiritual practice of pilgrimage, in which travel to sacred sites leads to the transformation of the soul. In engaging narratives of his worldwide voyages, George follows in the footsteps of spiritual pilgrims from across the centuries,... (more)
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Keith Duke
Keith Duke has developed a musical language that has its roots in Celtic music and the ancient chants, yet speaks too in the voice of the twenty-first century. He has worked for many years with the priest-poet of Lindisfarne, David Adam, whose texts feature in these wonderful collections.
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Keith Duke / David Adam
The Holy Island of Lindisfarne acts as a spiritual magnet for hundreds of thousands seeking refreshment and renewal, drawn to the ancient Christian site by the sense of God's presence. Prayer, meditation and worship are at the centre of the island community's life. Keith Duke, encouraged by David Ad... (more)