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Vicki Howie
More information on Three Wise Women Of Christmas
Dandy Daley Mackall / Diana Magnuson
The Christmas story can never be told too many times. Children are captivated by the drama and the excitement. Adults welcome every opportunity to tell of the birth of the Messiah, the fulfillment of God's promise to His people that He would send us a Savior from sin. As the fulfillment of Old Testa... (more)
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Dandy Daley Mackall / John Walker
A delightful poem and charming artwork tell the story of how Gods light impacted creation, the sin of man, and the preparation of Jesus, his birth, teaching, death, and resurrection.
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Robert C. Baker / Dave Hill
With words and pictures, this work shows children that Christmas is everywhere--in the Advent wreath, the star on the Christmas tree, the nativity set, the gifts under the tree--to help them distinguish between the emptiness of a materialistic Christmas and the fullness of the Gospel.
More information on Away In A Manger
Mike Jaroszko
Using the lyrics of what may be the most-loved children's carol, this beautiful book invites youngsters to come to the manger to see the Christ Child, and to rejoice in the peace, joy, and promise of salvation He brings. This beloved carol paints a picture of the Christ Child’s birth in a lowly m... (more)
More information on Fear Not, Joseph!
Julie Stiegmeyer / Cheri Beadholm
Joseph was key to God''s promise to send a Savior. Jesus was not his biological son, but God made Joseph His adopted father, the provider and caretaker of Mary, and the Savior, Jesus. This picture book inspired by Scripture tells the story of Christmas from Joseph''s point of view.
More information on The Wonder Of Christmas
Dandy Daley Mackall / Dave Hill
Posing open-ended questions, written in verse, and imaginatively set on the stage of a Christmas pageant, The Wonder of Christmas draws youngsters into the events of the night Jesus was born. From God's determination that the time was just right to the angel's announcement to the shepherds, the wond... (more)
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Susan K Leigh / Alan Flinn
In this book, children learn that a wish list of gifts is not as important as Jesus' list of all the names of God's children in the Book of Life. "The Christmas List" helps children take their focus off material gain by reminding them that the meaning of Christmas is that God sent His Son to be the ... (more)