More information on Pilgrims of Promise
C D Baker
Unsuccessful in their mission to reach Jerusalem and rescue the city from Islam, Wil and a band of children begin the journey back home. They have endured starvation, disease, and the horrors of watching their young comrades die or be killed on their pilgrimage. Leaving them to ask, "Where was God?"... (more)
More information on Romans: A Shorter Commentary
C E B Cranfield
More information on Apostles' Creed : A Faith to Live by
C E B Cranfield
Written in the belief that it is important for Christians to love God with the mind as well as with heart, soul, and strength, this brief book clearly explains the Apostles' Creed for anyone wanting a better, more coherent understanding of what Christians believe.
More information on Wicca's Charm
C Edwards Sanders
Traces the author's one-year journey into the Wiccan culture where she interviewed neo-pagans and witches in her quest to understand modern pagan spirituality, explaining the growing attraction of this religion that celebrates the wonder of creation and the life-giving energy of women. Original.
More information on Reclaiming What Was Lost: Recovering Spiritual Vitality in Main Church
C Fielding Stewart
Much has been written, and much has been said, about the decline in mainline North American Protestantism. Sophisticated sociological and theological analyses have posited a number of solutions to the problem. While such analysis is helpful, the author reminds us that much of it fails to see the sim... (more)
More information on The Whizzy Bizzy Christmas Fun Book
C Goodings (ed)
More information on Cornerstone Biblical Commentary: John & 1-3 John
C H Osborne
These accessible commentaries are for anyone who wants to enter a serious study of God's Word. Each volume guides the reader through the literary and theological issues in the text and provides correlation to multiple numbering systems for word study. This volume includes the entire NLT text of John... (more)
More information on Fundamentalisms
C H Partidge
The most conspicuous form of religion to emerge during the 20th century is 'fundamentalism'. Whether one considers debates within faith communities concerning the correct interpretation of sacred writings, or religiously inspired political activism, or indeed some forms of international terrorism, f... (more)
More information on Pastor in Prayer, The
C H Spurgeon
When the American evangelist D. L. Moody spoke in the Metropolitan Tabernacle in October 1892, he recalled an earlier visit twenty-five years previously. He had come four thousand miles, he said, to hear C. H. Spurgeon, but what impressed him most was not the sermon, nor the singing of the great con... (more)