More information on The Lost Way Book 1: The Call
A R McNeilage
The Lost Way is the story of a small Christian community that has discovered studying a new kind of living Christianity. Their master - an incarnation of one of the disciples - offers the community the original meaning of Christ''s teachings.
More information on Christian Life And Todays World
A Robbins
Featuring accessible writing by experianced scholars, this thought - provoking book provides helpful analysis of contemporary culture along with key insights into relating the gospel to it.
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A Russell
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A Scola
More information on Rediscovering The Lord's Prayer
A Simon
Simon offers his personal reflections on the Lord's Prayer, describing how it can enrich ones spiritual life. While coping with his divorce, Simon turned to prayer in a way he never had before. Through the Lord's Prayer he found a way to come to God for healing. Simon's story inspires all Christians... (more)
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A Strauch
More information on The Divine Spiration of Scripture
A T B McGowan
More information on George Muller of Bristol
A T Pierson
George Muller was living proof that God can be known intimately, that He is a faithful companion, and that prayer yields miraculous results. This classic biography tells of George Muller''s dependence on prayer and how his compassionate concern for orphans in Bristol, England shaped decades of missi... (more)