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B J Hoff
In the first book of the Mountain Song Legacy series readers step into a small Kentucky coal mining town in the late 1800’s where hope is found in the hearts of two young girls—the vibrant, red–headed Maggie MacAuley and her fragile friend Summer Rankin. When Jonathan Stuart, the latest in a s... (more)
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B J Hoff
B.J. Hoff's unforgettable characters from A Distant Music reunite for an even more gripping, dramatic episode in The Mountain Song Legacy. When Maggie MacAuley returns to the small coal town of her childhood, she has no intention of staying. Her life is in Chicago now. There's nothing to keep her ... (more)
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B J Hoff
B.J. Hoff expands the story of Jonathan and Maggie Stuart from her novella The Penny Whistle, spinning a tale of love and trials that test the faith of the newlyweds as she concludes the Mountain Song Legacy story. While honeymooning, Jonathan and Maggie are called to Skingle Creek to the sickbed ... (more)
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B J Hoff
B. J. Hoff brings us an inspiring Irish-American saga of pain and triumph in the 1800s. Terese Sheridan, desperate to escape the poverty and tragedy of Ireland, traps herself and the man she loves in a web of deception that will have consequences for generations to come. Jack Kane, a rogue newspaper... (more)
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B J Hoff
Beautiful young Jennifer Terry accepts a position as executive assistant at a Christian radio station in a small Virginia town. Her new employer is Daniel Kaine, a former Olympic gold medalist in swimming, who was blinded in a car accident with a drunk driver. The attraction between Jennifer and Dan... (more)
More information on Prelude - American Anthem Series Vol 1
B J Hoff
B.J. Hoff, one of CBA's premier writers brings this riveting historical fiction series that meticulously depicts nineteenth century America. Prelude transports you to nineteenth-century New York and invites you to step into another time--a time that shaped a nation and defined her faith. This lively... (more)
More information on Radical Wisdom: Feminist Mystical Theology
B Lanzetta
Lanzetta illuminates the transformative potential of the classical tradition of women mystics, especially in light of contemporary violence against women around the world. Focusing on the contemplative process as women's journey from oppression to liberation, Lanzetta draws especially on the mystici... (more)
More information on Living With Parkinson's Disease
B McCall
Parkinson's is a progressive, neurological disorder which can affect all activities including talking, walking, swallowing and writing. This book takes a look at Parkinson's and its management, including drug treatment, surgical techniques, and therapies such as physiotherapy, speech and language th... (more)
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B R Coombs
Your future is locked up in your past! Finding Your Purpose in God's Plan will unlock the secrets to your personal future as it explores the great truths of God's eternal purposes. Taking a spiritual journey down memory lane Coombs explores issues such as: God's sovereignty in creation; His original... (more)