More information on Encountering John: The Gospel in Historical, Literary & Theological...
A J Kostenberger
"The book combines expert scholarship with skillful and attractive methods of communication. It is exactly what students of the Fourth Gospel need both to provide them with the scholarly information and to guide and stimulate their own exploration of the Gospel and the many issues it raises."--Richa... (more)
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More information on Reading Scripture with the Church
A K M Adam / Stephen E Fowl / Kevin J Vanhoozer / Francis Watson
Reading Scripture with the Church is the result of years of debate and discussion among four leading scholars of biblical interpretation. In this volume, ideal as a supplementary hermeneutics textbook, each of the four contributors offers insights on his particular theory of theological interpretati... (more)
More information on Big Cell 1 - Children in The Bible
A Kennedy
Biblical stories about David and Samuel, Esther and a slave girl will inspire children to see themselves as God does and so encourage children to meet God for themselves and learn how to pray and worship. Although this material is a curriculum programme, the aim is for Cell values to be imparted suc... (more)
More information on Jaded: Hope for Believers who have Given up on Church but not on God
A Kiesling
Many young Christians feel close to God but struggle to find a church that feels like home. Author Kiesling has felt such disappointment and shares her story and those of others who have felt "burned out" from their traditional church experiences.
More information on Little Sparrows, The (The Orphan Trains Trilogy Book 1)
A l Lacy / Joanna Lacy
Kearney, Cheyenne, Rawlins. Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco. At each train station, a few lucky orphans from the crowded streets of New York City receive the fulfillment of their dreams: a home and family. This "orphan train" is the vision of Charles Loring Brace, founder of the Children's Aid Socie... (more)
More information on Christ in all the Scriptures
A M Hodgkin
If we want Co learn about Jesus Christ our first port of call is usually the Gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us about Jesus' life on earth, but if we think that Christ can only be found in those four precious books then we are missing out on the big picture. As the title suggests this boo... (more)
More information on Ecumenism and History
A R Cross
This collection of essays revolves around the two fields in which Professor John Briggs has contributed so much: history - particularly Baptist and Nonconformist - and the ecumenical movement, and many of the contributions examine the inter-relationship between them. With contributions from colleagu... (more)