More information on Sprituality Workbook
David Runcorn
More information on Seeking Sabbath
David Shepherd
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David Steindl-Rast / Sharon Lebell
More information on Spirituality Revolution: Emergence of Contemporary Spirituality
David Tacey
The spiritual life is no longer a specialist concern, restricted to those who belong to religious traditions. The spirituality revolution is a spontaneous movement in society, a significant new interest in the reality of spirituality and its healing effects on life, health, community and well being.... (more)
More information on Pattern of Sound Doctrine: Systematic Theology at the Westminster
David Vandrunen (Ed)
Essays by Hart, Horton, Frame, Gaffin, Godfrey, and others highlight this study of the crucial role the Westeminster seminaries have played in the development of systematic theology during the past seventy-five years. This volume examines the contributions of theologians from John Murray and his Pri... (more)
More information on Thy Kingdom Come: Walking in Our Daily Inheritance
Dee Alei
Many Christians experience problems in their walk with God needlessly because of a lack of spiritual maturity. Today, the Lord is sounding a divine wake-up call to His people to rise up and begin walking in the fullness of the inheritance. He has provided for them. We must put away our childishness ... (more)
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More information on Waiting on God
Denis McBride
More information on Monk Habits for Everyday People
Dennis Okholm
An evangelical theologian who has researched and practices Benedictine spirituality offers an accessible introduction to this time-tested practice.
More information on Bible Answers
Derek Prime
Many people want to know what the Bible has to say about God and other pressing issues. To meet that need Derek Prime has provided a helpful guide that anyone can use. If you have ever wondered what the Bible really says about something then this is where to start. The book is in 2 parts. The fi... (more)
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More information on Stepping-Stone Miracles
Des Morton
An amazing book in which the author, an English Pastor of a Pentecostal church, recounts some astonishing miracles. Many people consider Chapter 9 - "Jason and Heaven" to be the most memorable part of the book, and in many cases the most helpful for bereaved readers. The book has been made into a fi... (more)