More information on David's Secret Demons
B Halpern
More information on Heirs of Abraham: The Future of Muslim, Jewish and Christian Relations
B Hinze / L Omar
The three Abrahamic traditions of Jews, Muslims, and Christians have a history of clashes, often with disastrous results. This book addresses the suffering and tragedy of this post-9/11 moment by offering an alternative to those who see nothing but a future of ongoing clashes. Three of the most res... (more)
More information on Dawn Of A Golden Promise
B J Hoff
More information on Cloth Of Heaven
B J Hoff
B. J. Hoff brings us an inspiring Irish-American saga of pain and triumph in the 1800s. Terese Sheridan, desperate to escape the poverty and tragedy of Ireland, traps herself and the man she loves in a web of deception that will have consequences for generations to come. Jack Kane, a rogue newspaper... (more)
More information on Storm At Daybreak (Daybreak Mysteri
B J Hoff
Beautiful young Jennifer Terry accepts a position as executive assistant at a Christian radio station in a small Virginia town. Her new employer is Daniel Kaine, a former Olympic gold medalist in swimming, who was blinded in a car accident with a drunk driver. The attraction between Jennifer and Dan... (more)
More information on Prelude - American Anthem Series Vol 1
B J Hoff
B.J. Hoff, one of CBA's premier writers brings this riveting historical fiction series that meticulously depicts nineteenth century America. Prelude transports you to nineteenth-century New York and invites you to step into another time--a time that shaped a nation and defined her faith. This lively... (more)
More information on Living With Parkinson's Disease
B McCall
Parkinson's is a progressive, neurological disorder which can affect all activities including talking, walking, swallowing and writing. This book takes a look at Parkinson's and its management, including drug treatment, surgical techniques, and therapies such as physiotherapy, speech and language th... (more)