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A Carthusian
The thoughts contained in this book were from the pen of one who, in the silence of the Charterhouse, had already arrived at the summits of the spiritual heights, and dwelt there unceasingly. Souls who have reached such perfection in this life are rare; not so rare, however, are those who ardently a... (more)
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A de Reuver
Sweet Communion, the newest addition to the acclaimed Texts and Studies in Reformation and Post-Reformation Thought series, introduces scholars and interested Reformed readers to the spirituality practiced during the Further Reformation, a seventeenth-century movement that strove for a contemporary ... (more)
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A D'Souza
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A Ewart
Alexander Ewart was a volunteer teacher at Janabikas Government Secondary School, Chandi Danda, Besisahar, Lamjung Province, Nepal, from October 2003 until January 2004. After leaving the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, in July 2003, Alex was on his gap year before going to Nottingham University.... (more)
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A H Konkel
Bridging the gap between historical and present-day contexts, this new volume by August H. Konkel in the NIV Application Commentary Series helps us to accurately apply the message of 1 and 2 Kings to the lives we live today. Readers of 1 and 2 Kings commonly approach these books as a straightforw... (more)
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A Hawkins / B Ashmore
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A J Kostenberger
"The book combines expert scholarship with skillful and attractive methods of communication. It is exactly what students of the Fourth Gospel need both to provide them with the scholarly information and to guide and stimulate their own exploration of the Gospel and the many issues it raises."--Richa... (more)
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