More information on Romans: The Revelation of God's Righteousness (Focus on the Bible)
Dale Leschert has written - ‘Paul’s epistle to the Romans may possibly be the most influential letter ever written. Apart from its immediate impact upon the first century, it has indirectly altered the direction of the church and secular history through its instrumentality in the conversion of ... (more)
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Barnett, Tommy
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Barney Coombs
More information on Dealing With What Life Throws At You
Barney Coombs
Seasoned pastor and author Barney Coombs looks at how to cope with the adverse circumstances that life often presents us with. Even though no one goes looking for them, trials do come - and how we react to them will affect our spiritual growth and our relationship with God - either positively, or ne... (more)
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Baroness Cox
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Barrett, Dr M