More information on The UBS Greek New Testament
Barclay M Newman
The Reader's Edition combines the Bible text of the latest edition of the UBS4 Greek New Testament, edited by Barbara Aland, et. al., with a running Greek-English Dictionary, compiled by Barclay M. Newman. FEATURES * Running dictionary providing translations of all vocabulary items occurring 30 ti... (more)
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Barclay, Ian
More information on Welcome the Baby Jesus - for under 6s
A retelling of the story of the nativity. Written with the rhythms of "The House that Jack Built", the repetition and gentle poetry makes this a perfect read-aloud gift.
More information on Listen With the Bible (CD)
Part of the Light range, this is a collection of 26 lively retold stories from the Bible for children under 8. Ideal storytime listening for: • children’s groups, any day and every day • home • or even on the move On CD 1 the stories include: • God makes the world • What a laugh! • Twins! • T... (more)
More information on The Big Bible Storybook
The Big Bible Storybook starts at the beginning of the world in Genesis and takes you on a wonderful journey, through the Old and New Testaments, to the city of God in Revelation. Along the way, you will meet new friends, travel to exciting places and discover some of the greatest stories ever told.... (more)
More information on Jesus in the World's Faiths: Leading Thinkers From 5 Faiths
To creedal Christians, Jesus is the Son of God. Though he is admired by those of other faiths, their understanding of him is quite different. Here is a revealing conversation with leading contemporary Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and various Christians on the meaning of Jesus' life and teaching... (more)
More information on Balance Of The NIV, The
Barker, Kenneth
Since 1986 the NIV has been the best-selling English version of the Bible. One out of every three new Bibles sold today is an NIV and there are over 120 million copies of NIV Bibles and New Testaments in print. What makes this translation so popular? The answer, according to Kenneth Barker, is balan... (more)