More information on Contraction and Convergence: The Global Solution to Climate Change
Aubrey Meyer
The global climate is visibly changing because of human pollution of the atmosphere. According to eminent scientists and business people, its "devastating trends" are the greatest challenge ever to face humanity. This briefing describes the dangers presented by global warming, and explains the origi... (more)
More information on The Best Of Audio Adrenaline The Millennium Collection
Audio Adrenaline
The Best Of Audio Adrenaline The Millennium Collection is a collection of songs compiled from the top-selling albums by Audio Adrenaline at a great price.
More information on The Hands and Feet Project
Audio Adrenaline
The book follows Audio Adrenaline and a small group of young people on a journey to build a children's village (orphanage) in Haiti. In the book readers will learn about Haiti, hear directly from the members of Audio Adrenaline, meet Drex and Joe Stuart, who lead the project in Haiti, read journal e... (more)
More information on Old Testament Story: Seeing the Old Testament as a Whole
Audrey Nash
If you have a feeling that you are not clear on how the Old Testament stories all fit together, then Old Testament Story is the book for you. Or maybe you are a bit foggy as to what happened after the death of Solomon, or for some, the mist may thicken even earlier than that!. Then read this lively ... (more)
More information on New Freedom Of Forgiveness, The
Augsburger, D
More information on Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (Cornerstone Biblical Commentary)
August H Konkel / Tremper Longman III
The Cornerstone Biblical Commentary series (18 volumes) is the product of nearly 40 scholars, many of whom participated in the creation of the NLT. The contributors to this series, who are well-known and represent a wide spectrum of theological positions within the evangelical community, have built ... (more)
More information on Unfinished Journey- The Church 40 Years After Vatican 2
Austen Ivereigh (Ed)
The Second Vatican Council which ended in 1965, promised so much. A new vision of a reformed Church aware of its social, theological and ecumenical responsibilities. A truly conciliar Church with collegial structures. But this vision seems to have evaporated and so many of the promised reforms have ... (more)
More information on The Evidence
Austin Boyd
The call to outer space has been almost as strong as his call to serve God. Now, catapulted into the midst of a global controversy, NASA Commander John Wells faces the ultimate test of both his training and his faith.