More information on Salvation Belongs to the Lord: An Introduction to Systematic Theology
John M Frame
A survey of Reformed systematic theology, summarizing biblical teaching in all major doctrinal areas and tying them together under the concept of divine Lordship.
More information on Salvation Exposed
Peter Jeffery
More information on Salvation is from the Jews
Roy H Schoeman
This book traces the role of Judaism and the Jewish people in God's plan for the salvation of mankind, from Abraham through the Second Coming, as revealed by the Catholic faith and by a thoughtful examination of history. It will give Christians a deeper understanding of Judaism, both as a religion i... (more)
More information on Salvation on the Small Screen: 24 Hours of Christian Television
Nadia Bolz-Weber
A book for every person who's ever flipped past the religious channel on cable and thought, "I haven't the faintest clue what's going on there," or "that church doesn't seem like my church at all," or even, "wow, so that's what happened to Kirk Cameron." With the personalities of Christian broadcast... (more)
More information on Salvation Through Judgement and Mercy
Bryan D Estelle
Though simple enough for a child to grasp, the book of Jonah is an extremely subtle and complex work full of wonderful literary artistry mixed with many layers of meaning. This study presents the book of Jonah as part of the unfolding, unified story of redemption pointing to Christ. Pastors, sem... (more)
More information on Salvation's Song
Marcus Green
Worship changes us. It changes our views of God of the world, and of ourselves...At least it should. Marcus Green takes us on a journey through some of the big ideas of Christian faith. And when he looks deep into Matthew's gospel, he makes some exciting discoveries about the liberating nature of... (more)
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Norman Cook
More information on Sam In The Crimea
Norman Cook
Join Sam Clarke and Carrots the donkey as they stow away on board a ship bound for the Crimea - and Sam's father, Colonel Hopwood. Follow them through the streets of Constantinople and the docks of Balaclava, where Sam and his new gypsy friends take on cut-throats and bandits. Lie low in the "Valley... (more)