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Ackerman, Paul
This book clearly explains 'clocks' that indicate a young earth, solar system, and cosmos, along with other major scientific evidences for a recent creation.
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Ada R Habershon
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Adair, John
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Adair; Verploeg
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Adam H. Becker / Annette Yoshiko Reed
For the last two decades historians have sought the decisive point in Roman antiquity at which the "parting of the ways" between early Judaism and Christianity was complete. The essays gathered here challenge the assumption that any "parting" took place, arguing for ongoing relationships between Jew... (more)
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Adam Harbinson
The Jesus I Know is a platform from which forty men and women from many walks of life - some well known and others who might never have their fifteen minutes of fame - share with their world a simple and honest account of how their daily lives are enriched and impacted by their relationship with the... (more)
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Adam Harbinson
The moving and powerful story of Adam Harbinson who survived spiritual abuse and learned how to truly forgive. 'This story is compelling reading and shocking. Along the way there are many thorns, but the fragrant healing aroma of Christ's liberating love permeates through. ' J.John Adam Harbins... (more)